What is the bookworm project?

Hello! On this page I will provide “plot summary”, meaning an explanation for the Bookworm blogging site and the emphasis “binding” my posts together.

When we hear the terms literature, reading, and more, we more often than not think in academic or scholarly terms. Except these prescribed definitions create problems where they exclude, or worse, discourage people from their reading journeys. My goals here are simple: I want to push against codifying or treating literature and a reader as an obvious, apparent figure. Throughout my blog posts and even podcasts, you will find everybody is welcome and should be a reader. Whether that means diving into the latest science fiction, self-help books, thriller novels (Dean Koontz anyone?); going to the cinema every week; or even attending the latest plays. No matter your outlet, reading is beneficial not only for the mind but for emphasizing positive and social communities.